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We invite doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines to learn practical methods to innovate, test, and iterate their ideas!

Webdesign with WordPress

From PhD to Innovator

Sciencepreneur Compact

Are you a Sciencepreneur?

We invite doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines to learn practical methods to innovate, test, and iterate their ideas! In cooperation with the Academic Staff Development of the University of Konstanz we organize workshops for young researchers with creative and innovative minds. Whether you are working on your PhD and want to discover your entrepreneurial strengths, or you want to improve your leadership skills to make your venture a success – our workshops are an ideal starting point. Discover your skills and the potential of your research!

All workshops are for free and can be credited towards the ASD certificate Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Transfer of Knowledge.

Webdesign with WordPress – Build Your Own Website for Research Projects, Spin-Offs or Start-ups

In this workshop, you will design a website for your own ideas, projects, or start-ups. It offers the opportunity to gain insights into the world of web design, to get to know structured design processes, and to create a first prototype for a website. Neither previous knowledge of computer science nor graphic design is required!

Date: 26.-27. September 2022, 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Unfortunately, the event is fully booked. However, you can register yourself on the waiting list.

From PhD to Innovator

In this Young Entrepreneurs in Science Special workshop, you will learn methods from the fields of design thinking, storytelling, and innovation management. Further, you will be shown how to apply them to develop start-up ideas from your PhD project, your other specialist expertise, or from your everyday observations.

The workshop is an invitation to experiment and does not require that you already have a start-up idea!

The next workshop will take place on 13./14. October 2022 in Stuttgart. The traveling costs, not including the overnight stay, can be covered by Young Entrepreneurs in Science.

Application (until 29 September) is open now!

Sciencepreneur Compact – Empathy for Innovators / Your innovation skills 

The focus of this online workshop lies on career choices and empowerment. For one, participants will learn about possible carreer paths in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship. Further, you will explore and sharpen your innovator skillset. Moreover, the topic of empathy as a basis in human-centred design will by adressed, for example by practicing to take different perspectives.

Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 (10:00 am-3:30 pm)

Application is open now! 


Sciencepreneur Compact Design Thinking

The focus of this online workshop lies on ideas and methods. The participants will get to know user-focused methods for developing and implementing ideas. Hence, you will be challenged to solve a problem with the design thinking approach. To do so, you will learn about empathy and user research and how to generate and choose ideas.  In teams you will built and test a prototype and further explore how to iterate the process.

Date: Friday, 3 March 2023 (full day)

Application is open now!