YES-Workshop: "From PhD to Innovator"

Workshop on 18.05. and 19.05.2022


Workshop on 18.05. and 19.05.2022

09:00 Uhr

17:00 Uhr


Online via Zoom




Do you know the innovative potential of your research? This YES workshop is for PhD students, postdocs, and alumni from all subject fields with creative minds. The workshop is an invitation to experiment and does not require that you already have a startup idea.

In two days, you will get to know the basics of entrepreneurship. Learn methods from the fields of design thinking, storytelling, and innovation management and apply them to start-up ideas from your PhD project, your other specialist expertise, or from your everyday observations. Explore which career paths entrepreneurship offers and exchange ideas with experienced innovation coaches and an interdisciplinary group of participants.

The workshop is organized by Kilometer1 in cooperation with Young Entrepreneurs in Science and the Academic Staff Development of the University of Konstanz. It is free of charge and no prior knowledge is necessary. Further, the workshop can be credited towards the ASD certificate Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer Certificate.

Register here until the 16.05.2022!

Sounds interesting? Then also check out the workshop „Innovation Toolkit“ taking place on the 23 of June.

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