Conditions of Participation

for the IDEA CUP Bodensee

Conditions of Participation (Update: March 26th 2024)

What is the Idea Cup?

The IDEA CUP Bodensee is a regional ideas competition organized by the Kilometer1 startup initiative, which is based at the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz in 2024. The aim of the competition is to promote and visibly reward entrepreneurial thinking and action at universities in the Lake Constance region. Students, doctoral candidates and postdocs are awarded prizes in the categories “Impact Innovation” (500 euros), “Tech Innovation” (500 euros) and “Overall Winner” (1000 euros). The prize money is intended to support a potential start-up.

In addition, the “Audience Choice” category (non-cash prize) will be awarded to the audience favorite on the final evening. All teams nominated for the final will receive valuable support from selected experts for the further development of the ideas submitted. This means they are optimally prepared for the final pitch event.

In which categories are the awards presented?

The Kilometer1 Awards 2023 will be awarded in three categories to members of the two universities of Konstanz: “Student Innovation Award” for students, “Science Innovation Award” for doctoral researchers as well as postdocs and “Founder of the Year” for already successfully established startups of Konstanz’ universities. 


Which ideas can be submitted?

For the Kilometer1 Awards, the participants choose their ideas themselves and there are no predefined topics. An idea is eligible if the required entries can be made in the application form. In addition, the idea must be original, i.e. it must have been developed independently or as part of a team.

Participation in the competition must not violate any applicable laws. In the case of projects involving animals and plants, the animal, nature and species protection laws in force in Germany must be strictly observed. Furthermore, no ideas are permitted that glorify violence, develop or improve weapons, or involve a risk of injury to participants or third parties.

When and how is a participation possible?

The submission of ideas and registration of teams is only possible via the Kilometer1 website. For the participation at the Idea Cup the application form must be filled in completely until the 19th of July 2024.

Who can participate?

Students as well as doctoral candidates and postdocs from the HTWG Konstanz, the University of Konstanz and the universities of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Ravensburg-Weingarten and ZU Friedrichshafen can participate in the IDEA CUP as individuals or teams. The prerequisite for students is that they are enrolled at one of the two universities at least in the summer semester 2024 or in the winter semester 20243/25.

How many participants are allowed to work on one project?

Individuals or teams can participate. A team can consist of up to three people. Only one submission per person is allowed, and therefore participation is only permitted for one idea project. This means that multiple submissions, both as a single submission of an idea and within teams, are not permitted.

What does the group spokesperson do?

Each team of two or more people has a group spokesperson who is responsible for the submission of the application form. The spokesperson will also ensure that all team members receive regular updates on the status of the submission process and meet the appropriate deadlines.

What happens in the case of multiple submissions?

In the case of multiple submissions, only the submission for which the person in question was registered first will be counted. Hence, the sole criterion is timing.

Who is eligible to win?

If the idea is selected by the jury, the registered team members for the submitted idea are eligible to win. Students must be enrolled at one of the two universities in the summer semester 2024 or the winter semester 2024/25. 


What criteria will be used to evaluate the ideas submitted?

The ideas submitted are assessed by an independent jury on the basis of four criteria: Degree of innovation, feasibility, clarity and comprehensibility of the business model as well as skills and motivation of the team. The resulting ranking determines the nomination for the final. In the final, each nominated team has to pitch its idea in front of the expert jury and the audience. The jury then evaluates the degree of innovation, the feasibility of the idea and the team’s pitch performance and determines the winners in the categories “Impact Innovation” and “Tech Innovation” as well as the “Overall Winner” based on the overall evaluation. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed and there is no legal recourse.

The winners for the “Audience Choice” category will be selected by the audience by vote on the final evening.

How will I know if I or my team has qualified for the final?

For this matter, we will send an email to the participants shortly after the jury’s decision.

What about data protection?

Participants expressly agree that Kilometer1 may store their data for the purpose of conducting the ideas competition. The personal data will be deleted after the competition. If participants do not agree to the storage of their data, they can object to this storage at any time, but then they will not be able to participate in the events to be won. The objection is to be addressed to the Kilometer1 team. The data will not be passed on to third parties.

Legal claims and exclusion

There is no legal claim to participate in the contest. The Kilometer1 team will exclude an idea even after it has been submitted to the competition or announced as a winner if the conditions of participation have not been met. The legal process is excluded.

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