Application Idea Cup

Application deadline: 19. July 2024

This is the application form for the ideas competition "Kilometer1 Awards 2023". The application for teams must be handed in by the groups spokesperson who is responsible to inform the rest of the team about the process and any updates. Please note the conditions of participation. If you need assistance or have questions about applying, feel free to contact We are looking forward to many great ideas and an exciting competition!



What is your idea? Which product or service do you want to offer? What can this idea do that others cannot or what is done significantly better?

Business model

A business modell is a short description of the project, that focuses on the essentials. In the following you describe your business modell in four central aspects: the value for the customer, the business structure, the profit model and the team.
In which market is your idea based? Who are your potential customers? What characterizes the customers? What problem will your solution fix? Why will your customers be enthusiastic? (Tip: For answering these question the Value Proposition Canvas is very helpful)
What exactly will you offer the customers? How and on which channels will you reach your customers? How do you plan the sale? How is that, what you offer, made? What do you create yourself and what does your customer or partner do? How much did you already do? What are you capable of doing already? Who do you need as partners? (Tipp: For answering these questions the Business Model Canvas is very helpful)
How will you earn money? For what and when do your customers pay? Where do costs emerge?
Who is in your team and why? What are your motivations, qualifications and competences? Who takes which role? What is your schedule?
Do you still have questions? Do you need help?
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