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Do you have a startup idea that can solve an everyday problem? Or do you have exciting research results that you want to implement in practice? Then take part in the Idea Cup Bodensee!

The Idea Cup are an ideas competition for all students as well as doctoral students and postdocs of the universities in Konstanz as well as the universities of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Ravensburg-Weingarten and ZU Friedrichshafen. This year, we are opening up the competition to other universities in the Lake Constance region. This is why the Kilometer1 award is now called the Idea Cup Bodensee.

The Idea Cup is awarded in three categories:

Impact Innovation
Honours an idea that demonstrates a significant and positive impact on society through innovative solutions. This could be an idea that aims to tackle social problems, strengthen the community or develop sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Tech Innovation
Honouring an idea that focuses on new technologies, innovative solutions or technological applications. This can include areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, biotechnology, renewable energy, software development, hardware, etc.

Overall Winner
The “Overall Winner” refers to the overall winner of the ideas competition. This award is given to the idea that received the highest overall score.

In addition, the audience will choose the winner(s) in the “Audience Choice” category on the final evening. It is the award for an idea that wins the highest popularity among the audience.

In your application you can describe how you would develop a product or a service based on your idea. What is the added value compared to existing solutions? Does your idea have the power to change a system? Show the world your innovative spirit and benefit from attractive prices and further support.

Important for finalists
Mark these dates in your calendar: As a nominated team, you can take part in our preparation workshop at the University of Konstanz on 11 October. There we will help you refine your idea and prepare your pitch. On 24 October, your idea will be in the spotlight in the grand final of the IDEA CUP at the University of Konstanz.



Who can participate?

Students as well as doctoral candidates and postdocs from the HTWG Konstanz, the University of Konstanz and the universities of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Ravensburg-Weingarten and ZU Friedrichshafen can take part.
Participation is possible either as an individual or as a team of up to three people. Each team has a group spokesperson who is responsible for the submission. Each person can only submit one idea or only be part of one team.

IMPORTANT: Students must be enrolled at one of the universities HTWG, University of Konstanz, Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Ravensburg-Weingarten or ZU Friedrichshafen in either the summer semester 2024 or the winter semester 24/25 when submitting their idea. It is not necessary to be enrolled in both semesters.

What can you win?

Taking part in the IDEA CUP is worthwhile! The winning teams in the “Impact Innovation” and “Tech Innovation” categories will receive prize money of 500 euros each, and 1000 euros in the “Overall Winner” category, which they can use to advance their idea.

But all other teams nominated for the final also have a great offer waiting for them: they will receive valuable support from selected experts for the further development of the ideas submitted. This means they are optimally prepared for the final pitch event.

How can you participate?

Participating in the Kilometer1 Awards is very easy! Simply fill out the application until Juky 19th form on our homepage. The team applications must be handed in by the groups spokesperson, who is responsible to inform the rest of the team about the process and any updates.

In the application form, you will be asked to provide information on your team, the description of your idea and your business model. If you have difficulties with the application or have other questions, contact Jana from the Kilometer1 team any time.

Please consider the conditions of participation:

How are ideas evaluated?

The ideas submitted for the “Students Founder Award” and the “Science Founder Award” will be evaluated by an independent jury based on the following criteria:

  • degree of innovation
  • feasibility
  • clarity and comprehensibility of the business model
  • competences and motivation of the team

The resulting ranking will decide who will be nominated for the final. At the final, each nominated team must pitch its idea to an expert jury. The jury will evaluate the degree of innovation and the feasibility of the idea as well as the team’s pitch.

Application form

Conditions of

Idea Cup

Helpful tools

Idea Cup

Do you still have any questions? Then write a mail to Jana!

The winners of the last years

Here you can read about the innovative teams and their ideas in the last few years. By the way, we initally started with the “Idea Cup” before we came up with the new concept and the new name “Kilometer1 Awards”.

Kilometer1 Awards 2022

Student Innovation” Award for “ReDrive”

The winning team “ReDrive” consists of Frauke Müller, student in International Project Engineering at HTWG Konstanz, together with a group of former members of a Formula student team. The aim of the startup is to recycle neodymium-iron drilling permanent magnets to reduce the environmental footprint when this rare earth is being used. In particular, companies that install electromotors and therefore require a large amount of neodymium could use the startup’s recycled material in the future.

The ideas of the other nominated final teams:

  • “frwrd” – App for an interactive career orientation by Jona Asbach
  • “Conshelv” – Photos archive by Julian Jandeleit
  • “BikeIdent” – Digital registration document for bicycles by Alina Lorenz, Marvin, Alina Göttig

“Science Innovation” Award for “CellAlarm”

“CellAlarm” was created by Clovis Hugues Seumen Tiogang, a doctoral student in the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz. Bacterial contamination is highly problematic in products that are injected or implanted into the body. To monitor such contaminations, biological detection systems are being used. But until now they are ethically questionable, slow, or not applicable in the production. “CellAlarm” is an extremely sensitive, extremly fast and useful bio-detector that enables highly specialized and cost-effective monitoring of microbial contaminants within a short time.

The ideas of the other nominated final teams:

  • “DUFTE” – Therapeutic game to train the sense of smell by Dr. Eva Rottmann
  • “ipixel” – all-in-one solution for high-resolution images on the Internet by Vlad Hosu
  • “InstaLearn” – User-friendly app for innovative learning by Philipp Scharpf, Albert Moor and Abdul Azeem.

“Founder of the Year @HTWG” for “OpenDress”.

OpenDress is a startup based in Konstanz that takes advantage of the latest 3D technology and machine learning to produce fitting clothes. To do this, the startup uses 3D body scans, size recommendations, virtual try-ons, data analysis and 4D pattern cutting. The mission of founder and HTWG-alumna Verena Ziegler and her team is to reduce the huge amount of returns in the fashion industry, to extend the lifecycle of products and to enable digital customization.

The jury particularly praised the innovative technical implementation, the market solution that promotes a more sustainable use of resources in the textile industry, as well as the transfer of knowledge in applied research into a promising business model.

“Founder of the Year @Uni” for “sklls”

The startup “sklls”, based in Konstanz, is an interactive coaching app for innovative human ressource development. It fosters employees strengths. With its web apps, Sklls encourages employees to self-reflect. The employees should have the opportunity to develop and optimize themselves instead of getting stuck in routines and their own limitations. “Sally”, the digital coach, instructs the employees through the process. The application uses conversation techniques from the fields of business coaching and psychology. sklls was founded 2019 by Heinrich Geywitz (Almunus Economics), Verena Hauser and Marina Köpfer (Alumni Psychology). The jury justified its choice with the fact that startup addresses topics that are very relevant in the future such as further education, lifelong learning, soft skills and the democratization of further education. It confronts the shortage of skilled workers in companies by lengthening the retention of employees. Besides that, sklls is a good example of how scientific knowledge is transferred into practice.

Report HTWG
Report University of Konstanz

Kilometer1 Awards 2021

“Student Innovation” Award for “MoniSol”

The winning team consists of Julia Zimmermann, Timon Sutter (industrial engineering) and David Melzer (health-IT). With sensors in the sole of shoes they want to conduct an intellegent gait analyses, that recognizes wrong movements and postures that effect the whole body. Like this the cause for backache should be determined. On a platform the results should then be visualized and further material, trainings, and offers provided.

The other finalists were:

  • “Schlemmerpost” from Samantha Sernatinger: She will help companies that do not have cantines to provide their employees with healthy meals. The ingredients will be produced in a ecological way and with as little packaging as possible.
  • “Walk and Talk” von Elisa Frick, Alina Kurz und Anna Berglöf: They want to give students a convenient and uncomplicated opportunity to adress psychological problems that occur in the everyday lives of many students.
  • “WhiteFox” von Felix Duffner, Jakob Bolenbach and Katja Seiter: A App should sensibilize children in the schools to the handling of data. This would support teachers in the topic media-education timely and contentwise.

“Science Innovation” Award for “Chemup”

The core team of “Chemup” consist of Dr. Manuel Häußler and Lukas Odenwald. Both of them were doctoral researchers in the field of chemistry at the university of Konstanz and their startup idea is based on their former research. With their startup Manuel and Lukas want to develop a more efficient way of recycling plastic. Because until now one component of plastic, that actually could be recycled, gets destroyed. A chemical process will make recyling a lot more sustainable. The team has developed a way in the laboratory, that seperates valuable chemicals in the plastic wastage, by using air and catalysts.

The other nominated teams were:

  • “Active Annotator” from Felix Hamborg and Franzisa Weeber: They came up with an intelligent tool that allows users to only code a small part of the big amount of data manually. An AI program will learn to annotate the rest of the text automatically.
  • “Media Bias Group” von Timo Spinde, David Krieger und Smilla Hinterreiter: The team developed a system that recognizes biases in texts and warns about the danger of making prejudices.

“Founder of the Year @HTWG Konstanz” for “BBQ-Butler”

BBQ-Butler developed a grill, with which public institutions, companies or municipalities can offer an easy working and convenient BBQ-station to their community. The BBQ-Butler is digitalized so that localizing it, checking the availability, as well as booking, paying and activating it works online over an app. After using the grill, it cleans itself and it is ready for the next group with in a few minutes. The team consists of Felix Warrisch, Andreas Nuber, Nina Kohler, Andreas Riener and Florian Stelzer. BBQ-Butler was espeshially honoured for its innovative technical implementation, the new idea for a communal activity and the holistic business modell.

“Founder of the Year @Universität Konstanz” for “thea”.

“thea” is an acronym for “technology helping education to advance”, which is precisely the mission of the startup: thea invented a tool for publishers of schoolbooks, so that they can digitalize their printmedia or supplement it with videos, text, augmented reality, etc. Furthermore the tool gives teachers access to the publishers’ content, so that they can adjust the content individually for the preperation of their lessons. The four founders are Tim Hagstotz, Marius Lindenmeier, Christian Schmidt and Felix Weiß. The jury espeshially emphazised thedepth of their innovation, the impact for society, and the current relevance of their product for the digitalization of education.

Follow-up report Awards 2021

Idea Cup 2020

Team Spark came up with a platform for projects.

Starthilfe worked on a mobile charging station for electric cars.

KonBag wants to implement a sustainable deposit system for the bakery bags in Konstanz.

Reise in den Westenwould be an App for travelling, directed to chinese tourists travelling on their own.

Courify focused on an app that mediates between courier services and their privat or business customers.

Follow-up report Idea Cup 2020

    Idea Cup 2019

    Morning Butler: Dynamic alarm clock app, which rings depending on the traffic situation and hence allows the user to sleep more.

    thea: a digitally supported teaching concept, that presents the content of the lesson in a more visual and better way with the help of augmented reality.

    SWOT-you: A tool for automatic SWOT-Analyses. With the help of AI, online data will be analysed and evaluated.

    Para Sight: It is an innovative sensor concept to supervise the quality of supply chains while considering various parameters.

    Pablo Plastico: technology and concept for a local and thorough recycling process in coastal regions. Usable ressources, not trash!

    Hippocampus: a sustainable fashion brand, that makes vinatage clothing to a convincing alternative.The startup wants to supply clothing with high quality and a modern and attractive brand.

    Hochdynamischer digitaler Zwilling: A digital twin that integrates various sensors and data sources in order to set up a digital image of our world.

    Idea Cup 2018

    Triple Three made up by Michael und Samantha, is a sustainable concept for aforrestation, that would generate ecological, economical and social benefits in indonesia.

    Episodic, consisting of Julian, Johannes, Max und Michelle, should provide a local peer-to-peer mediating platform, for people who want to teach and people who want to learn skills or knowledge.

    Alnfluencer from Bene und Tim, is a mediating and managementplatform that would be useful for more direct and efficent influencer campaigns. With the help of AI companies and influencers will find to each other more easily.

    Wave.log from Christopher, Katharina, Nico and Philipp will be a Plattform, on which the life story of boats should be brought onto the blockchain in order to increase transparancy and safety.

    On our YouTube Channel you can find videos about the individual teams and you can even see what the teams experienced on their study trip to sillicon valley!

    Follow-up report Idea Cup 2018

    Kilometer1 would like to thank all cooperation partners for their excellent support and provision of cash and non-cash prizes for the winning teams in the individual categories.

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